Please provide a sketch in the upload file button on the right.
The planning service we provide is refundable against any future order.

Based upon the measurements you provide we will issue PDF's including a top plan, side elevations and a 360*** degree panoramic online viewer ( where it is not possible to provide a 360 degree viewer normally due to room shape or camera restrictions we will provide perspective views).

The plan(s) are yours to keep whether you buy form us or not.

If you decide to purchase we will also populate your shopping basket ready to purchase.
Click here to see the 360 degree panoramic viewer
What do you need to provide us?
A sketch or drawing, nothing special as long as we have the relevant information.
Lengths of each wall, windows doors and ceiling height.
A typical list as follows:
  • Lengths of all walls so it gives you a replica of what you have, for example not just do an L shaped corner where the kitchen is going to be , include the whole room sizing.
  • Window and door sizes and more importantly their distances form the corners.
  • Boiler positions, the height width and distance from ground will help to place a boiler cabinet in the right place
  • Appliances that are being used in the kitchen
The more information you provide the better we can help you.